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Manvis is a feature rich, Open Source mail server. It is a collection of Open Source software modules, but it is something more than this, in that all software modules are tightly integrated and operate as a whole.


  • SMTP mail server with STARTTLS and authenticated SMTP support
  • POP3 and POP3S (secure) server
  • IMAP and IMAPS (secure) server
  • Webmail with Groupware support
  • Spam control integrated into Webmail
  • Open source as well as commercial e-mail clients supported (Thunderbird, etc.)
  • Multiple domains, multiple administrators supported
  • Web administration at global, domain and user level
  • Reporting at global, domain and user level
  • SpamAssassin anti-spam included with global, domain and user level settings
  • Greylisting included
  • ClamAV anti-virus included, many other antivirus supported
  • Personal calendars, tasks and contacts
  • Groupware support for sharing calendars, tasks and contacts
  • DKIM and SPF supported
  • Smartphones supported
  • Mailing lists supported (multiple domains supported) with web management interface
  • Internationalization
  • Packaged software for a streamlined installation process

Software included

  • Postfix - MTA
  • Amavisd-new - Mail filter
  • Sqlgrey - Greylisting
  • Dovecot - IMAP/IMAPS and POP3/POP3S
  • Horde Groupware Webmail Edition - Webmail and Groupware
  • Mailman - Mailing lists
  • SpamAssassin - Anti-spam
  • ClamAV - Anti-virus